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Welcome to our Baking Club page!


Our very popular Baking Club runs after school on a Thursday and is led by Miss Barford and Mrs Elliott.  Each week we make exciting new recipes to take home and eat. 







Did you know, this week is Great British Pie Week? Well now you do! So what better to make than a traditional leek and potato pie with creamy cheese inside! The children were brilliant at chopping up the ingredients and enjoyed using the left over pastry to decorate their pie lids. This recipe uses ready rolled pastry so couldn't be easier! Why don't you try making a pie at home? You can use anything you like for the filling, sweet or savoury, to make a tasty dinner or pudding! Have a try with your children! 


Welcome to the next group of bakers! This week we made Fruity Baked Pancakes! This recipe is a favourite of the Baking Clubbers and perfect for Shrove Tuesday! They are super healthy with lots of fruit too!




This week we baked Valentine's Strawberry Shortcakes! I wonder if any were given to a loved one? The children practised chopping, rubbing and rolling. I think they did brilliantly!  Who's on the list to bake next half term???




This week at baking club we made Cheesy Veggie Rolls! These are packed full of hidden goodness (shhhhhhh!) and super tasty for a teatime treat! Look how much care the Master Chefs took with their recipes!


This week we made Fruity Baked Pancakes! There were lots of ingredients to remember, and spoonfulls to count, but we did it all by ourselves! These are super healthy because of all the fruit on top! Perfect for a pudding served with yoghurt or ice cream!


This week we made Cheesy Pastry Plaits! They were a little bit fiddly but we all managed it! Mmmmmm..... the mustard was a new taste, it gave our pastries lots of flavour!

16.1.20 - Chocolate Snowball Surprises

Baking Club 10.10.19

This week we made Baked Fruity Pancakes!

Baking Club 3.10.19


This week the children in Baking Club made Cheesy Veggie Rolls, yum!

Baking Club 19.9.19


Every Thursday Miss Barford and Mrs Elliott run our after school Baking Club.  This week we made 'Rice Crispie Surprises'.  Have a look at the photos below to see how they turned out!


This week is National Baking Week.  Have a look at the link below for lots of interesting ideas: