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CURRENT Lockdown Information January 2021

Remote Learning Expectations Letter

Remote Learning FAQs


What is remote learning?

Remote learning is the continuation of your child’s learning from home. We are committed at Healdswood Infant and Nursery School to ensure that your child continues to receive an education that will enable to them to thrive and achieve their potential.


What learning will my child be expected to complete remotely?

Your child’s class teacher will provide pre-recorded lessons appropriate to their age. In these lessons’ teachers will assign them ‘Independent Practice’ to complete. We feel that pre-recorded lessons offer parents flexibility to support your child, as we appreciate that some of our parents are balancing the demands of working from home too. We will prioritise Reading (Phonics), English and Maths and offering other learning for the wider curriculum.


Why is it important that my child engages with remote learning?

The learning assigned to your child is a continuation of the curriculum, and as such reflects the learning as if they were in the classroom. Therefore, to ensure your child continues to make progress it is important that they engage with all the learning assigned to them in their portfolio.


How will you be communicating with me?

We will be continuing to use Class Dojo as our communication platform, as we listened to your overwhelming positive feedback from our survey. We will be using the wider functions of Class Dojo and assigning learning using your child’s ‘Portfolio’. Our pre-recorded lessons have been embedded using Microsoft One Drive or our YouTube channel. If you are experience any difficulties accessing or using Class Dojo then please contact your child’s class teacher. 


Who do I contact If I have any concerns or need any support?

Please contact your child’s class teacher, the Senior Leadership Team (Mrs. Renshaw, Mr. Webster or Mrs. Townsend) or our SENCO’s (Mrs-Stretton Clarke and Zoe Dursley). We will be posting a survey at the end of the week and would appreciate your constructive feedback. A member of staff will be contacting you regularly via phone call to offer any guidance or support.