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How can I help my child?

Thank you to the families that attended the parents' meeting this evening about the changes to the National Curriculum.  Below you will find the full version of the handout shared with you this evening.  The sections for year one and two and key stage one are the relevant sections for your children.

Your Child and the New Curriculum

We know that all parents want their children to succeed at school but also that school can feel like a very different place to when you were at school.  This page will give you information on how we teach some things in school.


Click on the link below to go to our page on Phonics and Reading, where you can watch a video of how to pronounce each of the phonic sounds.


It is really important that children form letters correctly all of the time.  Please have a look at the information sheet below to find out how we teach this in school.

Helping your child to read

Still image for this video
A video explaining how we help children learn to read and ways in which you can do this at home.