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Our Celebration Assembly

Celebration Assembly


Every Friday afternoon, the whole school celebrates the week's achievements with our special Celebrations Assembly.  Two children from each class are chosen to receive a certificate, one for following our Rainbow Rules and one for following the Learning Powers.  The class with the best attendance for the week is also celebrated and they receive the Attendance Cup to display in their classroom for the following week


Week ending 17th May 2019


Rainbow Rules:

Ash - Bobby

Beech - Ryley

Cherry - Eli

Maple - Darcey

Silver Birch - Layla-May

Sycamore - Alfie


Learning Powers (Keep it up Captain!):

Ash - Leah

Beech - Summer

Cherry - Denley

Maple - Lara & Rece

Silver Birch - Emily

Sycamore - Isabelle


This weeks Attendance Trophy was won by Cherry with 98.5% attendance.





A Final Note...

Please remember that our policy is to celebrate and reward personal effort and achievement. The staff will always consider and be looking to recognise individual achievement and effort fairly. This does not mean that all children are rewarded in the same way for the same reason as they all have different strengths and talents. What may be easy for one child proves particularly challenging for another and at times the level of effort and hard work involved may not be immediately obvious. As a school we recognise the importance of celebrating each others' achievements as well as our own and are always proud of and positive about these.