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Parental Survey

Thank you to everyone that completed our parent survey. Teachers and the Governors were overwhelmed with the positive comments that you made.  However, we strive as a school to continually improve the education for our pupils and to support parents with challenges of learning at home. We value your voice as a parent and therefore I have shared your suggestions for improving our remote learning and how we have listened:

📣You said: It would be great to have opportunities to bring the children together so they can see their friends at school.

✅We Listened: We understand the importance of our community being ‘together’ and therefore Healdswood have introduced our zoom ‘LIVE LOCKDOWN ASSEMBLY’. We are inviting the children to join us EVERY Friday for music, stories and games.

📣You said: Arrange the learning in Class Dojo Portfolio so children can navigate and locate the day’s learning more easily.

✅We Listened: We understand that Class Dojo has its limitations and how this learning is assigned is one them. Teachers will be ensuring that the learning is assigned with the date visible. We recommend that you respond to each portfolio with ‘completed’ as this then disappears from their assigned learning and makes it more manageable for the children to navigate.

📣You said: The videos sometime don’t work and the sound quality is poor.

✅We Listened: We were faced with a technical challenge to ensure recorded videos were available for you to stream at home for all year groups and understand there were some initial technical difficulties. We have invested in our equipment and provide continued training for the teachers. If you do encounter any problems then please contact the class teacher and they will be more than happy to offer support and resolve the issue where they can.

📣You said: You would like more opportunities to have more stories

✅We Listened: Here at Healdswood we are passionate about reading and understand that a child’s love of reading comes through sharing stories and books. We will soon be launching ‘Mrs Renshaw’s Virtual Library’ where you will be able to listen to Mrs. Renshaw Reading a collection of her favourite books and stories from our author of the term. Our virtual library will allow the children to listen to same books again and again and it provides the ease and flexibility for parents to use Mrs Renshaw’s stories at time convenient for you.
To find out more about making every child a reader please visit:

Please contact the Senior Leadership Team if you have any queries or suggestions to further improve our remote learning.

Thank you.

Senior Leadership Team