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Phonics and Reading at Healdswood

Reading at Healdswood


At Healdswood we strongly believe that children adopt a love of reading through sharing stories and books on a regular basis.  We expect and encourage parents to hear their child to read at least three times per week.  In school we help children develop their love of reading in the following ways:


  • Use of book bands for children to take home.
  • Exchange of books through Nottinghamshire County Council's Education Library Service so children always have new and exciting books in school linked to their current topic.
  • School library where children can change a book of their interest on a weekly basis.
  • Rewards for children who read at least 3 times per week at home.
  • Children are read to in class on a daily basis.
  • Celebrating World Book Day

Throughout the school, beginning in Nursery, we use the Letters and Sounds programme for teaching phonics. We also use the Jolly Phonics actions which help children to remember each sound they have been taught. All children have daily phonics sessions.

Over the course of the year, teachers run sessions for parents giving more information about the teaching of phonics and reading in school. Parents are informed of these sessions in the school newsletter. We do not use a specific reading scheme, we use books from a variety of sources throughout school, which are grouped into ‘Book Bands’. They begin on lilac band and progress through a range of colours to white band. Children are ‘book banded’ to their reading ability and they progress through the bands at their own pace.

We strongly encourage parents to read with their child every night. All children have a reading diary which is a record for both the parents and teacher to use. It is a good way of communicating with the teacher about your child’s progress in reading at home.


How to get the most from your home reading:

Sit in a comfortable place with no distractions

Look at the front cover and discuss the title

Ask your child to look at the pictures and guess what the story might be about

Allow your child to read at their own pace

Ask your child what they think will happen on the next page and at the end ask them to retell the story.

Remember: Your child will enjoy reading more if you read in short sessions, such as 10 minutes. As your child becomes more confident, they will want to read for longer. Little and often is the secret to success!

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