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Physical Education

At Healdswood Infant & Nursery School, we recognise the integral part that PE plays in promoting, healthy lifestyles. Our broad, balanced and engaging PE curriculum tries to ensure that all children have a lifelong participation and an embedded love of sports. It is our vision for every pupil to succeed and achieve their potential as well as to lead physically active lifestyles.  This approach is achieved through the use of Get Set 4 PE, which is taught from EYFS to the end of Key Stage 1.  Get Set 4 PE focuses on developing children’s agility, balance and coordination, promotion of healthy competition and cooperative learning. 


PE is taught at Healdswood Infant & Nursery School as an area of learning in its own right as well as integrated where possible with other curriculum subjects. Every class participate in weekly PE Sessions which are adapted from the ‘Get Set 4 PE' schemes .  The schemes of learning is inclusive and progressive and fully aligned to the National Curriculum. These lessons focus on the development of key fundamental skills:

  • agility;
  • balance and coordination;
  • healthy competition against themselves and others;
  • and cooperative learning.


This scheme also shifts responsibility of learning, through highly developed learning behaviours, towards the children, supporting them to become habitually independent learners These include their creative, cognitive, social, personal, physical and health and fitness skills. 


At Healdswood Infant and Nursery School:

  • Year 2 attend a 10-week block of swimming lessons.
  • All children from Foundation 2 to Year 2 participate in the 'Daily Mile' of running. 
  • After school sports clubs such as dance and gymnastics are offered to children from Foundation 2 to Year 2.
  • The whole school participates in an annual 'Healthy Living Day' which promotes healthy lifestyles through physical exercise, mental wellbeing and nutrition.
  • Healthy lunchboxes and school meals are promoted for all children.
  • Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle is used with Foundation Stage 1 which focuses on building gross motor strength.
  • Children’s journeys to school are monitored and children are encouraged to take part in the ‘Walk to School’ scheme as part of promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Children in Nursery and Reception receive daily access to provision that develops their fine and gross motor development.