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At Healdswood Infant and Nursery School, we aim to stimulate the children’s natural curiosity and to shape it into scientific enquiry. We nurture inquisitive minds to go from wondering ‘what if?’. Science provides new avenues for our children to explore and develop their understanding of the world around them with. Our children observe and ask questions with intrigue and excitement and inspire our children to appreciate how their scientific knowledge affects their everyday lives.


To ensure high standards of teaching and learning in science, we implement a curriculum that is progressive throughout the school and aligns to the National Curriculum in England. (e.g. plants, materials and animals). ). Key Stage One children also complete a yearlong study to develop their understanding of scientific concepts such as seasonal changes. The teaching of science at Healdswood Infant and Nursery school has an underpinning focus on the working scientifically elements of scientific learning; challenge the children and to encourage development as scientists across Key Stage One. Science learning at Healdswood Infant and Nursery school is enquiry based, providing children with authentic experiences, context and relevance to develop their scientific knowledge. This allows children to make cross-curricular links and see how science relates to the world around them. Our school has a clear focus on the development of speech and language and allowing children to make links and embed key scientific vocabulary.