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Welcome, Values and Ethos

Head Teacher Welcome


Dear Parents/Carers,


On behalf of the staff, governors, children and parents may I extend a very warm welcome to our website.


We have a Nursery which runs both morning and afternoon sessions, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes. We link closely with Skegby Junior Academy, a ten minute walk away, where our children go aged 7, at the end of Year 2. 

For our parents and carers who need extra childcare before and after school we are linked to Early Years Alliance.  They can provide breakfast, after school provision and also runs in the holidays as a holiday club.


At our school we are passionate about inspiring our children to be the ‘thinkers and doers’ of the future. We use an innovative approach which inspires children through curiosity, awe and wonder.  As part of our journey we are working towards becoming a ‘Curiosity Approach’ setting.  


You are very welcome to visit us to have a look around and meet our lovely staff and children.  You will also get to see the curiosity approach in action for yourselves. You can telephone us on 01623 462449 and speak to our Office Manager, Mrs. Drayton, or myself.


Yours sincerly, 


Jayne Renshaw

Welcome to Healdswood

Infant and Nursery School


Our Vision


Healdswood Infant and Nursery School is a nurturing and inclusive setting where all children, adults, parents and carers respect each other and grow together in order to reach their full potential. We aspire for children to be confident and caring individuals who achieve personal success and develop a lifelong love of learning.


Our Mission


At Healdswood Infant and Nursery we are proud to be an inclusive school where we work together to create a happy, nurturing environment where all members feel safe, can enjoy and achieve and can make a positive contribution to the wider community.


Our school has made seven pledges to our children which intertwine with our vision. 


1. Value each child as an individual, striving to provide a curriculum, which is engaging, purposeful and is knowledge-rich.


2. Provide a curriculum that broadens our children’s learning experience both in and beyond the community and school, as our children experience a range of trips, visits and outside visitors.


3. Embed our school values in our curriculum and to educate our children to be individuals; who care and respect each other, the community, the environment and the wider world.


4. Spark curiosity, awe, wonder and enable our children to appreciate and marvel in the world in which they live, through our curriculum.


5. Immerse our children in a language and vocabulary rich curriculum.


6. Foster a school community that values partnerships with parents, who understand and support how our curriculum can foster a love of learning.


7. Nurture our children to become confident and resilient learners, through a curriculum that values our children’s well-being.