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Ash - Reception

Welcome to Ash Class!


The teacher in Ash class is Mrs Dursley.

We are also supported by Miss Beal and Miss Dudley.



A few reminders...

  • Every Wednesday the children in Ash Class have Forest Schools in the morning and PE in the afternoon.  Children need to come to school wearing their PE kit with warm, waterproof coats over the top.  Please can children arrive in their trainers and bring wellies in a separate bag to change into for Forest Schools.  
  • Children need their book bags in school EVERY DAY.  We read with your children throughout the week and it is very important that this is recorded in their reading diaries.  Please remember to support your child with reading their reading book at home.  We ask that children read with an adult 5 times per week at home and that this is recorded in their Reading Diary.  Reading books are changed once a week however you can read anything additional with your child - magazines, recipes, picture books etc!

Autumn 1


This term our learning will be centred around the topic 'Where will I go?'  As well as spending lots of time settling into our new classroom and learning the new rules and routines of out school we will be doing lots of exciting learning about ourselves and out families, journeys, maps and transport.  





Week Commencing 14.9.20


Over the next couple of weeks we will be looking at the story 'Mr Gumpy's Outing' by John Burningham. We will be doing lots of activities surrounding the story and will be retelling it using actions and a story map!
Here is a link to the story on youtube if you would like to watch it with your child at home:


Our Learning 2019-2020







Our Learning Environment

Spring 2 - People Who Help Us


For the first 4 weeks of this term we will be learning about the people who help us!  To begin with we will be thinking about people around school who help us, including those who we may not have met much such as the office staff, cleaning staff and the lovely ladies who cook our dinners!  We will then progress to look at people in different professions such as the roles of police officers, fire fighters, vets, doctors, dentists etc.  We are very excited for our school trip to Tiny Town in March where we will get to dress up and act out some of the roles we have been learning about.

Towards the end of the term we will be shifting our focus to look out for signs of spring and the changing seasons.




Walk to the post box - 27.2.20

 This week we have been learning all about the people in school who help us!  We learnt the different roles of some of the staff members and had a walk around school talking photos of these people and the places they worked!  We visited the school kitchens, office and Mrs Renshaws office to name a few!  Over the week we then wrote 'thank you' letters to these staff members and on Thursday & Friday we walked to our local post box to post our letters.  Some children in Beech class were lucky enough to meet the post lady who was emptying the post box during our visit, it was very exciting!

Spring 1


After a lovely long Christmas break we're now ready to get back to our learning in Spring 1, and we have a very busy term planned!  This term our learning will be centred around Traditional Tales and we will be linking these to our school Rainbow Rules.  We will be looking at a different Rainbow Rule each week and thinking about how we can follow the rules around school and at home and why they are so important.  We will then be looking at how the characters in the stories we read are (or aren't!) following the rules!

Week 1 - We look after our school

Week 2 - We are kind and helpful

Week 3 - We try our best

Week 4 - We are honest

Week 5 - We listen

Week 6 - We are gentle and look after each other


Each week we will also be learning a new Nursery rhyme.  These will be sent home in book bags for you to practise with your child!  Thank you for your support.

11.2.20 - Safer Internet Day


Today is Safer Internet Day and to mark this in class we talked about what we use the internet for.  We discussed how the children play games and sometimes watch videos using the internet.  We then learnt the word 'avatar' and talked about how this is a made up character that we can use to represent ourselves and it can be as made up and funny as we want it to be!  The children then used Purple Mash on the ipads to create their own 'funny face avatar'. Have a look at a few below...

Week 6 - Robin the Rabbit!

This week has been super exciting as we have our very own class pet for the week - Robin the Rabbit!  This is to support our learning of the Rainbow Rules 'we are gentle' and 'we care for each other'.  Robin comes from White Post Farm and on Monday morning two lovely farmers came to teach us all about caring for Robin.  The children helped the farmers to set up his cage an learnt all about the things Robin needs to stay happy and healthy.  We have loved playing with Robin so far, enjoying games and cuddles with him and have also been thinking about when we need to be quiet and let him rest.

Friday 7th February 2020 - Porridge!

We have been thinking this week about the Rainbow Rule 'We Listen' and during our afternoon sessions we have read The Magic Porridge Pot and talked about listening to instructions.  Today we learned how to make blueberry porridge in the microwave and all enjoyed trying the porridge once it was cooked - it tasted delicious.  We then voted on whether we liked the porridge or not.  Lots of children said they had never tried porridge before but it definitely turned out to be a hit!

Week 5: wc 3rd February 2020

This week our Rainbow Rule is 'we listen'.  The traditional tale we are reading is Little Red Riding Hood and thinking about how Little Red Riding Hood didn't listen to her mummy when she was told not to talk to the wolf!  We will be making our own 'good listening ears' and thinking about the importance of listening.  On Friday we are having a visit from a theatre group who will be doing some drama activities with us surrounding 'The Gingerbread Man', we can't wait!

Thursday 30th January 2020 - Gingerbread Man Science!

Each week in Foundation 2 we love to put our scientist hats on and try out different experiments.  This week we wanted to see which liquid the Gingerbread Man would dissolve in first.  We talked about the different liquids and the word 'dissolve' and then made predictions about which liquid would be first out of water, milk or coke.  We did the test and were very surprised by the result - ask your child if they can remember the answer!!


Week 4: wc 27th January 2020

This week our Rainbow Rule is 'we are honest'.  The traditional tale we are reading is The Gingerbread Man and thinking about how the fox was not honest when he said he would help the Gingerbread Man.  We are also using this as our Talk for Writing text this term so we will be doing lots of retelling and performing this week.  We can't wait until the end of the week when we will be baking our own Gingerbread Men to eat during Feel Good Friday!

Week 3: wc 20th January 2020

This week our Rainbow Rule is 'we try our best'.  We are steering away from traditional tales slightly this week we are celebrating Chinese New Year!  We are going to be thinking about what we are good at and different ways we can try our best.  We will also be thinking about what we can do now compared to what we could do when we were babies!  Alongside all of this we will be learning about how Chinese New Year is celebrated and will be enjoying our own Chinese banquet.  Finally we will be reading 'The Hare and the Tortoise' to reinforce our understanding of how to try our best!

Week 2: wc 13th January 2020

This week our Rainbow Rule is 'we are kind and helpful'.  We are linking it to the books The Little Red Hen and Hansel & Gretel.   We will be thinking about how it's kind to help our friends, unlike the characters who wouldn't help the Little Red Hen to bake the bread!  This week we will be baking bread and even making our own butter to go with it!

Baking - 16.1.2020

In our baking session this week we made Little Red Hen bread rolls.  The children enjoyed adding the ingredients and kneading the dough.  We watched it rise and then bake in the oven.  On Friday we made our own butter to go with the bread and took it in turns to shake double cream in a jar until it turned into butter, which was fascinating to watch!  We enjoyed our fresh bread and butter during Feel Good Friday and it was a huge hit with the children!

Week 1: wc 6th January 2020

This week our Rainbow Rule is 'we look after our school'.  We are linking it to the books The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Golidlocks didn't look after the Bears property very well and the Big Bag Wolf didn't look after the Three Little Pig's houses!  We will be writing speech bubbles for the characters and making new homes for the pigs to live in as well as making our own music to a little pig song on Thursday when we have our whole school music day!


Thursday 9th January 2020 - Rock Star Day!


Wow!  The children all looked fabulous dressed up as rock stars to celebrate the launch of our new whole school music programme Charanga.  Today learned a new song about the Three Little Pigs and used the song to help us retell the story.  We then added percussion instruments to accompany the song including rain makers, tambourines, maracas and wooden blocks.  The children really enjoyed being musicians for the day!

Thursday 9th January 2020


This afternoon we put our scientist hats on to test the theory of the Big Bad Wolf!  We surrounded a house with the different materials straw, sticks and bricks.  The children made their own predictions about which would be the strongest and then the Big Bad Wolf hairdryer put our theories to the test!  It was so fun!

Autumn 2


We have such a busy and exciting term ahead of us!  This term we will be looking at the different celebrations that are happening around the world, such as Bonfire Night, Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas.  We would love to know about any events or festivals our children might celebrate at home so please do let us know if there is anything special you would like to share!

Nativity 12.12.19

A huge well done to all our children for such a fantastic performance in this mornings Nativity performance.

Christmas Craft Afternoon 6.12.19


Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came to our Christmas Craft afternoon, we all had a fantastic time!


Children in Need - 15.11.19

Feel Good Friday - 15.11.19


Today we had our first 'Feel Good Friday' and it was such a lovely end to the week!  The children got cosy with their blankets and slippers and we enjoyed hot chocolate with our friends.  We shared the family bag and then a story and ate the poppy biscuits that the children made yesterday.  We can't wait until Feel Good Friday next week!

Trip to Brackenhurst - 8.11.19


We had brilliant day at Brackenhurst Education Centre learning all about Diwali!  When we arrived we walked into the woods and retold the Diwali story together.  We then went on a hunt around the amazing grounds of Brackenhurst to find different objects and pictures relating to Diwali before decorating our own Diwali tree with the items we had found.  By lunch we were all starving from our busy morning so enjoyed out picnics in the warm classroom.  After lunch we did lots of Diwali crafts - making Diva lamps our of clay, creating out own Rangoli patterns out of chalk, designing Mendhi patterns and making lucky red boxes.  After this it was time to get back on the bus to go back to school.  What a super day we all had!

Fire Engine Visit 4.11.19


Today we had a visit from Ashfield Fire Services who brought their fire engine for us to look at.  The fire fighters explained how some of the part of the engine work and everyone got to have a look inside.  The children all got to have a go with the hose too!

Autumn 1


We are so pleased that the children have all now settled in well.  We have learnt all about our new classroom, routines and made new friends.  This term our focus is on ourselves and the changing season.  We are talking about our likes and dislikes, our families and where we live.  We will be linking this to looking at where animals might live and what their families might look like.  We will be watching out for signs of autumn and learning about Harvest.


Our current Talk for Writing book is 'The Enormous Turnip.'



We have enjoyed reading different versions of the story and acting it out.  Today (19.9.19) we had a creative mark making session where Mrs Dursley read the story and we made handwriting patterns to fit in with the different parts of the story.  Have a look at our photos below!

Leaf Man - WC 14.10.19


This week we have been reading a new story - Leaf Man.  The children have really enjoyed getting to know Leaf Man who blows wherever the wind takes him!  Our very own Leaf Man blew away this week and wrote us a letter to ask for our help to find him, so we set off on an Autumn hunt and found Leaf Man hiding in a bush, hurray!  Also this week we have been experimenting with colour mixing and using our new colours to print leaves, have a look at the fun we have had below!

Pattern Week!



This week we have been learning about patterns!  We have been making 2 and 3 step patterns all over Foundation - using our bodies, voices and making patterns with objects.  Our children were set the challenge to make a pattern in their Independent Learning time this week and they have certainly been creative!  Have a look at our photos below!

Harvest Festival 20.9.19


Today we have been learning all about Harvest!  We read the story Oliver's Vegetables and looked at some real vegetables that lots of us hadn't seen before like aubergines and parsnips!  We then used the vegetables to made funny faces.  Have a look at the photos below, aren't our faces fabulous?!

Our Learning 2018-2019

Summer 2

Oh I do like to be Beside the Seaside!


Half term Homework!

This term we are centring out learning around holidays and the seaside!  We will be thinking about our favourite holidays, talking about how we travel on holiday, what we like to do on holiday and finding out what life is like in other countries.  Our main Talk for Writing text will be an instruction text on 'How to Build a Sandcastle'.  We have such a busy and exciting few weeks planned for our final term in Foundation 2, including our trip to Wheelgate, Sports Day and lots of transition sessions ready for Year 1.  Please look out for letters in your childs book bag!  


Please remember to read with your child at least 3 times per week and record it in their reading record.  We are really pleased with the progress the children are making in phonics and your support with reading at home has a huge impact on their progress and enjoyment.







On Monday this week we took delivery of 16 eggs and an incubator and today we have had all but one egg hatch!  Hopefully the final egg will hatch tomorrow.  All children were very lucky to see one of the chicks actually hatch out of it's shell and they were all very excited.  We are hoping to be able to hold the chicks tomorrow and we are looking forward to welcoming them into our classroom from Nursery and watching them continue to grow.  Please keep checking back as we update the our photos of the chicks so far!

Making butter! 3.5.19


Today we learnt how to make butter!  This week nursery made home-made bread and very kindly donated us a couple of loaves to test our butter on.  We put double cream into jars then took it in turns to shake the jars as hard as we could until the cream turned into butter.  Have a look at the photos below to see how we got on!  

Healthy Living Day 2019

This year for Healthy Living Day, Ash Class took part in three different activities including pizza making, circuits and yoga.  We have a great time learning about different ways to keep our bodies healthy.  Have a look at our photos below of our pizza making, we all gave them a big thumbs up!

Dragon Making!

Last week we designed our own dragons and wrote a list of what equipment we would need to make them!  This afternoon we had great fun creating our dragons with all sorts of boxes and tubes.  Next week we will be painting and decorating our dragons, have a look next week for more photos of our finished creations!


World Book Day 2019

We have had a great day celebrating World Book Day.  As a whole school we were focusing on the author Julia Donaldson and our chosen story was 'The Scarecrows Wedding'.  We thoroughly enjoyed reading the story and making our own shape scarecrows which are now on display!  All the children's costumes look great and 'Well Done' to Agnes & Kaya for winning the best costume prizes!

Holiday Homework!


A huge well done to all the children who completed their holiday homework of creating a castle to kick off our new Fairytale topic.  We have been completely overwhelmed by all the amazing creations that the children have made...

Christmas Jumper Day - 14.12.18 Don't we look great!

White Post Farm Trip 5.12.18


What a super day we all had today at White Post Farm!  We were so lucky with the weather as it stayed dry whilst we were outside looking at the animals.  We loved feeding and learning about all the animals from our guide Mick, and got to hold some little mice.  We visited Santa in his grotto and walked around his amazing winter wonderland.  After lunch some of the children wanted to join in with a big nativity and then we went to see the reptiles.  We had lots of compliments on how well our children behaved throughout the trip, they were such a credit to the school.  Have a look at our photos below!

Jump Rope For Heart - 22nd November


Today we had great fun doing lots of skipping and jumping and raising money for British Heart Foundation.  Children did really well having a go at learning to skip with a skipping rope and all children showed lots of perseverance!  Have a look at some of the action shots of our children!

Children In Need - 16th November - Don't we look fab in our PJ's!

​​​​​​Autumn Stay & Play - Thursday 15th November


A huge thank you to all the parents who came to our Autumn Stay & Play today.  The children loved performing their autumn songs and playing with their families in the classroom, we can't wait for the next Stay & Play!

Friday 9th November 2018 - Remembrance


Today we have been learning about why we have Remembrance Day and why people wear poppies.  We watched a lovely video on the cbeebies website and walked about how the rabbit would have been feeling throughout and after the war.  We then made red and black crosses which we placed under a tree during our Remembrance Day assembly.

Friday 26th November - Fire Engine Visit


Today we were visited by Sutton Fire Service who came to talk to us about Firework Safety ahead of Bonfire Night.  They taught us all about how to stay safe on Bonfire Night and then showed us around their fire station.  It was great fun learning about the different parts of a fire engine and we all got the chance to go inside the fire engine too!

26th November 2018 - We found a frog!!


This afternoon the children in F2 were very excited to find a frog in the outdoor area.  They named him 'Freddy the Frog; and were all very careful not to go too close or touch the frog.  We were fascinated to watch how the frog moved and looked at the colours and markings on its skin.

Grandparents Afternoon

Today we were joined in class by some of our Grandparents. We sang them a song and then they helped us all with a craft activity where we made hanging hearts. Then we had time to play with them in our classroom environment and in our outdoor learning area. We had great fun, and so did our Grandparents.

Parents Session - Friday 28th September

A big thank you to all parents who were able to attend the phonics meeting last week.  As promised, below are links to some of our favourite phonics songs!

Creative Mark Making - 20.9.18



This week we have been reading the story 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy.  We have had lots of fun acting out and retelling the story as well as deciding what the bear might want to take to the moon and sounding out the words in our phonics sessions.  Today we did Creative Mark Making where Mrs Dursley read us the book and we made marks on long paper for the different parts of the story such as practising circular movements for the moon and long whooshing lines for the rocket taking off into space.  Have a look at our photos below...

15.9.18 - New delivery!

Last week we took delivery of two new easels to use in Foundation 2 - one inside and one outside.  These were bought with some of the fundraising money from the pirate picnic we had in the summer term.  The children were very excited about our new easels as they can paint either on perspex or attach paper to do their paintings!  We are looking forward to seeing what amazing paintings the children come up with!  A huge thank you to everyone who donated and sponsored our children to complete the pirate obstacle course.  

We had a super first day of school! Have a look at some photos of us exploring our new classroom and making new friends...