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Ash - Reception

Welcome to Ash Class!


Hi, I'm Mrs Dursley, the teacher in Ash Class!


We are very lucky to be supported each day by Mrs Elliott & Mrs Llewellyn.



A few reminders...

  • Every Thursday the children in Ash Class have Forest Schools in the morning and PE in the afternoon.  Children need to come to school wearing their PE kit with warm, waterproof coats over the top.  Please can children arrive in their trainers and bring wellies in a separate bag to change into for Forest Schools.  
  • Children need their book bags in school EVERY DAY.  We read with your children throughout the week and it is very important that this is recorded in their reading diaries.  Please remember to support your child with reading their reading book at home.  We ask that children read with an adult 5 times per week at home and that this is recorded in their Reading Diary.  Reading books are changed once a week however you can read anything additional with your child - magazines, recipes, picture books etc!

Autumn 2 2021 - I Wonder...


This half term is always a super busy one in Reception!  We will be exploring the different celebrations that happen at this time of the year as well as learning about celebrations in other cultures.  We have a visit from the local Fire Station planned to help us learn about fire safety.  We will also continue to look at the way that the season changes at this time of the year and looking for signs of change in our Forest Adventures sessions. In the final couple of weeks we will be getting very excited about the count down to Christmas!

Autumn 1 2021 - What makes me unique?


We are very excited to welcome so many new families to Healdswood this term.  To begin with we will be spending time settling into our new classroom, learning the routines and making new friends!  We will be thinking about ourselves and  answering the question 'what makes me unique?'  This will be through exploring what we look like, our senses, our likes & dislikes and our families and special people.  We will also be thinking about where we live and the local environment.  Towards the end of the term we will be searching for signs of autumn!

WC 4.10.21 - Harvest Time!


This week we have been thinking about Harvest and where some of out fruit and vegetables come from.  We thought about the farmers at this time of year who harvest food for us to eat.  We then sorted fruits and vegetables according to whether they grow under ground or over ground!  A big thank you to the parents and carers who donated food to our local food bank!

15.9.21 - Forest Schools


Today in Forest Schools we used our inspirations from the self portrait by Frida Kahlo to create clay faces...

14.9.21 - A huge "well done" to Henry who has been elected as our class school councillor!

Parents notice - 9.9.21


The Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA) is a statutory assessment from September 2021 onwards. It provides a snapshot of where pupils are when they arrive at school. It will provide a starting point to measure the progress schools make with their pupils between reception and the end of primary school.  Over the next few weeks the children in our class will be completing a baseline assessment with an adult.  You can read more about this via the links below.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

WC: 6th September 2021 - Take One Picture


This week across school is 'Take One Picture' week and this year we are looking at a self-portrait by the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. We have shared the painting with the children who have had a lovely discussion about what they could see. The children were particularly interested in the necklace and leaves which they called 'light up leaves'.  We collected natural items at Forest Schools and the children used these to create transient art pictures inspired by the painting by Frida Kahlo.  Have a look below at our fabulous art work...

Have a look below to see our amazing learning from last year's Ash Class (2020-2021).

Summer 2

For our final half term in Reception, our topic will be 'Unexpected Oceans'.  We are really looking forward to this topic as hopefully some sunny weather will really support our learning about the seasides!  We will also be thinking about the ocean as a habitat and thinking about who lives there and how we can support animals to continue to live through protecting the oceans from pollution.  Please see the overview below for more information on our Unexpected Oceans topic...

Week commencing 21st June - Mister Seahorse


Our Talk 4 Writing this term is based around the story 'Mister Seahorse' by Eric Carle.  The children have loved reading the story so far especially learning that it is the male seahorses that carry the babies!  Have a look at the links below to see the story being read aloud and also a fascinating video of a male seahorse giving birth!


Monday 14th June 2021 - Seasides from the past!


Today we have had a special visitor in from Partake Theatre Company. We learnt about seasides form the past (100 years ago). We dressed up in old bathing costumes, boater hats and parasols. We learnt about old fashioned buckets and spades, hockey pokeys ( ice creams) and dances. The children had an amazing time and loved learning about how things were 100 years ago!

Summer 1


The sun is finally starting to shine and this will be mirrored in our topic 'Imagine...'  This half term we will be using our imaginations to think about dreams, colour and feelings.  We will be experimenting with creating different textures and colour mixing.  Have a look at our topic overview below for more information!

Thursday 20th May 2021 - Rockstar Day!


The children all looked amazing in their Rockstar outfits!  They took part in lots of musical activities following a beat and experimenting with the sounds of different instruments.  They also enjoyed listening to lots of different styles of music!

Wednesday 19th May 2021 - Weaving

This week we have reading the story 'Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat'.  We learnt all about how his coat was made up of different colours.  In our Forest Adventures session we added different coloured fabric and items from the environment to weave into our own loom.  The children enjoyed chanting 'in and out...' as they weaved!

Week Commencing 10th May 2021 - Maths

This week in our maths work we have been thinking about sharing different amounts and working out whether it is 'fair' or 'not fair' by counting if each set has the same amount.  We have used the book 'The Doorbell Rang' by Pat Hutchins as a basis for this weeks maths learning.  You can watch the story here:

The children have loved doing this practically with cakes and have followed this up during their independent choosing time!

Week Commencing 19th April 2021

Welcome back to school after a lovely half term break!  This week in class we have been reading the story 'The Rainbow Fish'.  The children have absolutely loved this story and it has provoked lots of discussions about following our school Rainbow Rules.  In literacy we have been writing sentences about how we can follow the Rainbow Rules to make sure school is a happy place!  In our topic work we have been learning about St George's Day and why this is special to English people.  In Feel Good Friday we tasted scones and strawberries and enjoyed listening to the National Anthem!

Spring 2


Our new topic after half term will be all about 'Nurturing Nature'. We will be learning about farms, farm animals, lifecycles of chicks and mother and baby animals. We will be looking at what food we get from the farm and how it is produced. 

We will be having our own hatching chicks in class and watching how they grow! Watch this space...

24th March - Forest Adventures

Today in our Forest Adventures session we planted salad vegetable seeds.  We looked at the different types of seeds and thought about how different they would look once they were fully grown!  The children chose from spinach, radishes, beetroot or lettuce!  We can't wait to see our vegetables grow!

WC 22nd March 2021

Last week we began looking at the story 'The Little Red Hen' which is our Talk 4 Writing text for this half term.  Not only have we thought about how the animals did or didn't follow our school Rainbow Rules, we have also been learning about the process of making bread and the journey from seed to loaf!  Today the children helped to make bread rolls.  The classroom smelt divine and we enjoyed eating them before home time whilst the bread was still lovely and warm!  Everyone gave the bread a big thumbs up!

19th March 2021 - Goodbye Chicks!


Today we sadly said goodbye to the chicks who we have loved looking after over the past couple of weeks.  Our favourite part was holding the chicks and watching them cuddling together under their heat lamp.  The children loved sneaking a peak at lunchtime when the classroom was quiet and the chicks fell asleep!  We were sad to see the chicks go but know that they are going to loving new homes with some of our children in Foundation 2!

World Book Day - 11th March 2021

Today we celebrated World Book Day!  We came to school dressed as our favourite book characters and some of us created book character wooden spoons at home too.  Well done to Lola who won our wooden spoon competition!  In class we focussed on the story 'Peace at Last' by our Author of the Term Jill Murphy.  We did lots of fun activities including using instruments to recreate the different sounds from the story.  We also weaved our own quilts for Daddy Bear to sleep under!

WC 8.3.21 - Chicks!

It is so lovely to see all children back in school this week and they have all settled back so well!  Today we took delivery of 15 eggs which are currently in an incubator keeping warm in Nursery.  We are hoping that by Friday the eggs will have hatched and we can have chicks in both Nursery and F2!  This week so far we have been discussing how to look after the eggs and chicks once they have hatched and have made signs to let people know how to keep them safe!


Update 12.3.21

We are so lucky that all 15 eggs have now hatched!  The chicks have been split into two brooder boxes between Nursery and F2.  The chicks have dried out and are looking very fluffy and cute!  Mrs Green & Miss Black are taking the chicks home for the weekend and will bring them back on Monday morning ready for lots of cuddles with our chidlren!

WC 1st March - Farm Animals

This week in school and at home we have enjoyed beginning to think about farm animals and exploring what we already know about farms.  In school children have been collaging farm animals and thinking about which colours they need to represent each animal.

Our children in school this week also thought of lots of questions that they would like to know about our local farm, White Post Farm.  We sent the questions off to White Post Farm and Farmer Anthony recorded us a fantastic video answering the children's questions and showing us lots of the animals that they have on the farm.  Click on the link below to watch the video!

Spring 1


This term our topic is called 'Once upon a time...' We will be discovering the magic world of fairytales!  As well as reading lots of traditional and modern fairytales we will be finding out about castles and the Royal family.  We will be exploring this through artwork, science and ICT.  Please have a look at our topic map below for more information.

WC 8.2.21 - Chinese New Year

This week we have been learning all about how Chinese New Year is celebrated.  We had fun reading the story of the animal race and making Chinese dragons.  On Friday we also thought about Pancake Day and read the story Mr Wolf's Pancakes and decorated our own pancakes, they were yummy!

21.1.21 - Castles

We have been learning about castles this week both at school and at home. We used lots of different construction materials including boxes, tubes, bricks and other loose parts to make our own castles. We have loved seeing the photos of the castles that the children have made at home too.  Have a look below!

14.1.21 - A Snowy Day!

The snow has made us really excited today.  We loved going out to do our Daily Mile in the snow today and seeing how we made footprints in the snow!  It wasn't long before more snow came down and we watched how this covered over our footprints.

The children who are working at home had a great time in the snow today as well!

WC 4th January 2021


Well what a strange start to the term we've had!  Well done to all our children for coping so well with all the changes that have been happening whether it is still coming to school or working through their remote learning ay home.  If you are working from home all of your learning will be uploaded to your portfolio.


This week we have been learning about the Princess and the Frog.  We have looked at rhyming words, competed maths work around the song 5 Little Speckled Frogs, and learnt all about the lifecycle of a frog.


In class on Friday afternoon we still enjoyed 'Feel Good Friday' and it was lovely to see that the children at home joined in with this doing their favourite 'feel good' activity at home too.  Have a look at our Feel Good Friday photos below!

Autumn 2

Last term was such a busy one with starting school and moving classrooms for the heating works to be completed.  This term will be equally as busy as we have a jam packed term planned for the children!  This term's topic is called 'I wonder...' and we will be learning all about some of the different celebrations that happen around the world at this time of year.  We will be continuing to look at the changes in the environment and at the end of the term we will be getting prepared for Christmas!


A Visit from Santa

Christmas 2020

We have had a super busy few weeks in December, continuing with our learning as well as celebrating Christmas in a very different way this year!  In maths we have been looking at counting out quantities and then partitioning numbers as well as helping Santa to put his presents and Christmas items in size order!  We are super proud of all of our children in literacy as so many children are now not only writing their own name but are applying their phonic knowledge and writing words too!  Most children are now ready to move onto Phase 3 phonics in the new year which is absolutely brilliant!  Below are a few pictures of our work over the last couple of weeks:

23.11.20 - Christingle

Today we got into the Christmas spirit a little early as we had our annual Christingle Service.  The children all created their own Christingle and then we were joined over zoom by Reverend Peter Taylor who told us all about what the Christingle represents.  The children were all incredibly sensible when lighting the Christingles and thoroughly enjoyed the service.

WC 16.11.20 - Diwali

This week in F2 we have been learning all about how Diwali is celebrated.  We compared it to the celebrations that we have.  In literacy we enjoyed learning the story of Rama & Sita and retelling it using masks.  We also created our own Mehndi hand patterns and Rangoli patterns and wrote Diwali cards for our friends and family.  Finally we made Diva lamps using clay and decorated them using beautiful coloured jewels.  Then on Friday we switched the lights off and lighted our Diva lamps to see how they were used to light the way home for Rama & Sita!

WC 9.11.20 - Remembrance Week

We've had a really busy week this week learning all about Remembrance Day and ways that people remember the soldiers of the wars.  The children have learnt all about what the symbol of the poppy represents and we have made our own poppies in various ways.  We enjoyed decorating biscuits to look like poppies and created poppies from the bottom of pop bottles as a contribution to a whole school poppy display.  In Forest Schools this week we created crosses out of sticks and string and laid these by our own memorial tree.  I was really proud of how mature and respectful the children have been this week when speaking about Remembrance Day.

A huge well done to all our fabulous children this week who have received certificates for reading at home!

WC 2.11.20 - Bonfire Night

This week in Foundation 2 we have been learning all about the traditions of Bonfire Night and learning about how it is celebrated.  We made our own bonfire in Forest Schools and had marshmallows in Feel Good Friday.  We learnt about fire safety and how we can keep ourselves and our pets safe!  Children were also set a home learning challenge this week to create a bonfire picture on Purple Mash.  I'm sure you will agree that the children's pictures look spectacular!

As part of our learning this week about Bonfire Night we have also been continuing to think about the changes in the environment that we see at this time of the year.  Our outdoor area has been covered in autumn leaves and we have had fun this week playing in the leaves, throwing them up and sweeping them into piles!  We have been looking at circle art with by Kandindski and recreated our own circle art using autumn colours.  We then put the pictures together to create a beautiful display in our classroom.


Autumn 1


This term our learning will be centred around the topic 'Where will I go?'  As well as spending lots of time settling into our new classroom and learning the new rules and routines of out school we will be doing lots of exciting learning about ourselves and out families, journeys, maps and transport.  





16th October 2020 - Spooky Day!

We had a great day today getting dressed up in our Halloween costumes and doing lots of spooky activities around the classroom!  All of the children looked amazing and loved exploring the messy play.  We hope you all have a super half term and stay safe!

WC 12.10.20 - Pumpkin Soup!

This week we have been reading the story 'Pumpkin Soup' by Helen Cooper.  The children really loved the story and talking about the characters.  We discussed how to work together as a team and linked this to our school Rainbow Rules.  On Thursday we followed a recipe and made our own pumpkin soup.  It made the classroom smell delicious and we all loved having a taste of the soup!

Week commencing 21.9.20

Have a look at what we have been getting up to in our Forest School sessions!  Our challenge over the past fortnight has been to create our face using the natural materials.  We loved having hot chocolate and biscuits in the forest for our snack and learn a new hello & goodbye song!  Have a look below at a few of our Forest Schools photos so far...



Week Commencing 14.9.20


Over the next couple of weeks we will be looking at the story 'Mr Gumpy's Outing' by John Burningham. We will be doing lots of activities surrounding the story and will be retelling it using actions and a story map!
Here is a link to the story on youtube if you would like to watch it with your child at home: