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Beech - Reception

Welcome to the Beech Class


The teacher in Beech class is Miss Williamson on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Green on a Thursday and Friday.

We are supported each day by Miss Dudley.



A few reminders...

  • Beech class go out for Forest Schools on a Monday afternoon.  We will be going out whatever the weather (including rain and snow) so children need to be dressed in appropriate clothing; a warm coat and accessories in cold weather and a sun hat and suncream in hot weather.  Please send in an old pair of wellies for your child to keep in school for the whole year.
  • We have PE on a Tuesday afternoon, led by Mr Marriott.  We advise that children bring their PE kits into school at the beginning of term and leave it on their pegs for the whole term.
  • Children need their book bags in school every day.  We read with your children throughout the week and it is very important that this is recorded in their reading diaries.  Please remember to support your child with reading their reading book at home.  We ask that children read with an adult at least 3 times per week.  Reading books are changed once a week however you can read anything additional with your child - magazines, recipes, picture books etc!
  • Please send your child with a labelled water bottle to use in class.
  • Please make sure all school uniform, pe kit, lunch box, bags, book bags and water bottles are clearly labelled with your child's name.


Take a look at our learning environment


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Welcome to our classroom

Today (9.1.20) we celebrated our new music curriculum  by coming dressed up as rock stars! We had so much fun and we made our own songs up about the Three Little Pigs and we played lots of different instruments, including tambourines, drums, wooden blocks, shakers and rain makers! 

This week is Chinese New year so we are learning about how and why people celebrate this day. Today we had a special assembly to tell us the story of Chinese New Year. We then went back into class and carried out lots of fun activities. 

Rock star day 9.1.2020

Rock star day 9.1.2020 1

After a lovely long Christmas break we're now ready to get back to our learning in Spring 1, and we have a very busy term planned!  This term our learning will be centred around Traditional Tales and we will be linking these to our school Rainbow Rules.  We will be looking at a different Rainbow Rule each week and thinking about how we can follow the rules around school and at home and why they are so important.  We will then be looking at how the characters in the stories we read are (or aren't!) following the rules!

Week 1 - We look after our school

Week 2 - We are kind and helpful

Week 3 - We try our best

Week 4 - We are honest

Week 5 -We listen

Week 6 - We are gentle and look after each other


Each week we will also be learning a new Nursery rhyme.  These will be sent home in book bags for you to practise with your child!  Thank you for your support.

Week 1: wc 6th January 2020

This week our Rainbow Rule is 'we look after our school'.  We are linking it to the books The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Golidlocks didn't look after the Bears property very well and the Big Bag Wolf didn't look after the Three Little Pig's houses!  We will be writing speech bubbles for the characters and making new homes for the pigs to live in as well as making our own music to a little pig song on Thursday when we have our whole school music day!



Today we took part in our own general election! we dressed in red, white and blue and had our own votes. We voted for our favourite story to be read by different teachers. We had lots of fun!

Picture 1
Today we had a lovely afternoon doing lots of Christmas crafts with our parents, grandparents and friends. We made Christmas trees, baubles, stockings and much more. Thank you to all those that attended.

Christmas crafts 6th December

Christmas crafts 6th December 1
Christmas crafts 6th December 2
Christmas crafts 6th December 3
Christmas crafts 6th December 4
Christmas crafts 6th December 5
Christmas crafts 6th December 6

18.11.19 Even though it was a bit chilly today we went out and enjoyed our forest school session. We played hide and seek, built dens and explored the enviroment.

Today we enjoyed our first Feel Good Friday! We put on our cosy slippers and snuggled up in our blankets and shared hot chocolate, marshmallows and ate our poppy biscuits we had made in baking. We enjoyed talking about our families and listened to each others stories about our families. We can't wait to have more fun next week!

Feel Good Friday!

Feel Good Friday! 1
Feel Good Friday! 2
Feel Good Friday! 3
Feel Good Friday! 4
Feel Good Friday! 5
Feel Good Friday! 6

Today we had lots of fun raising money for BBC Children In Need 2019. We came to school dressed in our PJ's and enjoyed doing lots of Pudsey Bear activities. We made Pudsey masks, coloured Pudsey pictures, cut and stick Pudsey fairy cakes on cake stands and talked about why we raise money for children that need it.  

Children in need PJ day !

Children in need PJ day !  1

11.11.19 Today was our Autumn stay and play session. We sang the songs we had been learning to our adults then they came into our classroom to play with us. Thank you to everyone who attended.

Trip to Brackenhurst - 8.11.19


We had brilliant day at Brackenhurst Education Centre learning all about Diwali!  When we arrived we walked into the woods and retold the Diwali story together.  We then went on a hunt around the amazing grounds of Brackenhurst to find different objects and pictures relating to Diwali before decorating our own Diwali tree with the items we had found.  By lunch we were all starving from our busy morning so enjoyed out picnics in the warm classroom.  After lunch we did lots of Diwali crafts - making Diva lamps our of clay, creating out own Rangoli patterns out of chalk, designing Mendhi patterns and making lucky red boxes.  After this it was time to get back on the bus to go back to school.  What a super day we all had!

04.11.19 Today we had a visit from some fire fighters. Thye spoke about how we can stay safe on bonfire night. We were able look in the fire engine and use the hose.

16.10.19 This week, in Maths, we have been learning about 2D shapes. We went on a shape hunt around school and found lots of different shapes. We practised drawing shapes with chalk outside and made shapes from playdough and lego.

09.10.19 We have been reading the story of "The helpful hedgehog" in Literacy this week so we decided to make our own helpful hedgehogs out of clay. We got very messy and had lots of fun.

04.10.19 Today was Grandparents day so we invited grandparents into the classroom. We have a lovely time showing them around our classroom and creating some lovely items. Lots of happy memories were made.

1.10.19 As part of the harvest celebrations we made our faces out of fuirt and vegetables like the famous artist Guiseppe Arcrimboldo.

24.09.19 This week we have started looking at the sounds s, a and t in phonics. We have been sorting objects based on their intial sounds and practising our letter formation.

20.09.19 This week we are reading The Enormous Turnip. In literacy we have been dressing up as the characters and retelling the story. We have spoken about our favourite characters and carried out some creative mark making.

20.09.19 This week we are reading The Enormous Turnip. In literacy we have been dressing up as the characters and retelling the story. We have spoken about our favourite characters and carried out some creative mark making. 1

16.09.19 We have been watching Numberblocks to help with our learning. This week is all about the number 4.

Our Learning 2018-2019

Picture 1

Spring 2 - Turrets and Tiaras!




Wow, we can't believe that we are now half way through the year in Foundation 2.  All the children have achieved so much so far and we are really looking forward to seeing them progress further over the next half of the year.  This term our learning is based on Fairytales and make believe!  Think dragons, castles, witches & wizards, fairies and mermaids!  We will focusing our storytelling around the two stories 'Room on the Broom' and 'There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight.'  We will be looking at these two stories through Talk for Writing where we will be doing lots of storytelling with actions and story maps before innovating our own versions of the story!  In other areas we will be getting creative by making our own junk model dragons, creating our own potions and becoming princesses and knights for the day!


Please remember to read with your child at least 3 times per week and record it in their reading record.  We are really pleased with the progress the children are making in phonics and your support with reading at home has a huge impact on their progress and enjoyment.

Dragon Making!

Last week we designed our own dragons and wrote a list of what equipment we would need to make them!  This afternoon we had great fun creating our dragons with all sorts of boxes and tubes.  Next week we will be painting and decorating our dragons, have a look next week for more photos of our finished creations

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

World Book Day 2019

We have had a great day celebrating World Book Day.  As a whole school we were focusing on the author Julia Donaldson and our chosen story was 'The Scarecrows Wedding'.  We thoroughly enjoyed reading the story and making our own shape scarecrows which are now on display!

Picture 1

Holiday Homework!


A huge well done to all the children who completed their holiday homework of creating a castle to kick off our new Fairytale topic.  We have been completely overwhelmed by all the amazing creations that the children have made.


This term in Maths we have been looking at lots of different numbers and their relationships to each other, we've looked at one more than and one less than and we've looked at teen numbers and how they can be made by adding two numbers together.
Have a look at some of us doing our maths busy jobs and what we can do with numbers.



When we came back to school after Christmas we discovered that Dinosaurs had visited us in our class. We have read some lovely stories and explored dinosaurs.
Take a look at some of our Playdough Dinosaur creations.

Christmas Dinner

Today we all came to school in our Christmas and enjoyed our first School Christmas Dinner. We all sat together and enjoyed eating our lovely dinner. Mmmm Mmmmm

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Sponsored Autumn Hunt - 10th December

After having great fun at the Pantomime this morning, we came back and put on our wellies to go on our Autumn Hunt. Thank you to all of our grown ups for sponsoring us to find lots of Autumn treasures, we found leaves, sticks, twigs, stones, cones, worms and spiders.



White Post Farm Wednesday 5th December

We were so excited to go out on our school trip to White Post farm. We climbed onboard the coach and away we went.
When we arrived we met our guide for the day Wendy, she was lovely and told us all about the animals, she knew all of their names and taught us how to feed them.
We went inside and met the babies first we saw chicks, and goat kids.
we met santa and told him what we would all like for Christmas and had a little play in the indoor areas.
Then we went outside and met some alpacas, more goats, sheep, pigs, deer, and cows. It was hard work and we were all very hungry, so we gave our hands a good scrub and went into the dinner hall for our lunch boxes.
After lunch, we watched a Nativity performance which some of us joined in with. It was great fun!
Last of all we went back to the indoor area and held some animals, we cuddled a chick, a guinea pig and a mouse that Mr Marriot named Marvin. Before we left Wendy said goodbye, she said thank you for a lovely day she had really enjoyed meeting us all and said we were very well behaved which made us feel really proud!
What a Busy Day we had.


26th November 2018 - We found a frog!!


This afternoon the children in F2 were very excited to find a frog in the outdoor area.  They named him 'Freddy the Frog; and were all very careful not to go too close or touch the frog.  We were fascinated to watch how the frog moved and looked at the colours and markings on its skin.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Autumn Stay & Play Thursday 15th November

Thank you to everyone that came along to our stay and play session today. We really enjoyed singing our Autumn songs to you and playing in our classroom with you all.

We cant wait to do it again soon!

Bonfire Night

As part of our theme this half term, cracking celebrations, we have learnt about Guy Fawkes and his Gunpowder plot. We all put on our coats and went out to our outdoor learning area and made our very own bonfire. We collected sticks, and logs to make the fire and then put leaves on for the flames. Rain stopped our play, so we went inside and watched some firework displays on the whiteboard whilst eating hotdogs and mushy peas. Mmmmmm

26.10.18 - Numeracy Work

This week in Numeracy we have been learning about Positional Language. We know the different words we can use to describe the position of something in comparison to another object. We used an elephant and a box to talk about where the elephant was, underneath or below, on top of or above, next to or at the side of, in-front of, behind and inside of. We then did a busy job in our Numeracy books to test what we had learnt.

Friday 26th November - Fire Engine Visit


Today we were visited by Sutton Fire Service who came to talk to us about Firework Safety ahead of Bonfire Night.  They taught us all about how to stay safe on Bonfire Night and then showed us around their fire station.  It was great fun learning about the different parts of a fire engine and we all got the chance to go inside the fire engine too!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Grandparents Afternoon

Today we were joined in class by some of Grandparents. We sang them a song and then they helped us all with a craft activity where we made hanging hearts. Then we had time to play with them in our classroom environment and in our outdoor learning area. We had great fun, and so did our Grandparents.

Parents Session - Friday 28th September

A big thank you to all parents who were able to attend the phonics meeting last week.  As promised, below are links to some of our favourite phonics songs!


Alien Pizza Party

This week in Literacy we have been reading the book, Alien Tea On Planet Zum Zee. We have read the story and talked about a time when we have been to a Tea Party. All of the children talked to their talking partners about their experiences and then shared with the rest of the class what they like to eat at a tea party.
We received an invitation on Monday morning to an Alien Pizza Tea Party, we were all very excited, and on Tuesday morning we made Alien Pizzas to eat at the party later that day. YUM YUM YUM!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


Alien Spaceship Crash Landed in Healdswood Infants Forest!


This week in Literacy we are reading the book 'Aliens Love Underpants', we arrived at school on Monday morning to find CCTV footage of an alien spaceship crash landing in our outdoor area.
We put on our wellies and headed outside to investigate!


Alien Investigation

Alien Investigation 1
Alien Investigation 2
Alien Investigation 3
Alien Investigation 4
Alien Investigation 5
Alien Investigation 6
Alien Investigation 7

15.9.18 - New delivery!

Last week we took delivery of two new easels to use in Foundation 2 - one inside and one outside.  These were bought with some of the fundraising money from the pirate picnic we had in the summer term.  The children were very excited about our new easels as they can paint either on perspex or attach paper to do their paintings!  We are looking forward to seeing what amazing paintings the children come up with!  A huge thank you to everyone who donated and sponsored our children to complete the pirate obstacle course.  

Picture 1

We had a super first day of school! Have a look at some photos of us exploring our new classroom and making new friends...

We had a super first day of school! Have a look at some photos of us exploring our new classroom and making new friends... 1
We had a super first day of school! Have a look at some photos of us exploring our new classroom and making new friends... 2
We had a super first day of school! Have a look at some photos of us exploring our new classroom and making new friends... 3
We had a super first day of school! Have a look at some photos of us exploring our new classroom and making new friends... 4
We had a super first day of school! Have a look at some photos of us exploring our new classroom and making new friends... 5
We had a super first day of school! Have a look at some photos of us exploring our new classroom and making new friends... 6
We had a super first day of school! Have a look at some photos of us exploring our new classroom and making new friends... 7