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Cherry - Year 1

                  Cherry Class 2020-2021

Welcome to Cherry Class!

We have lots of fun in Year 1 and always try our best!


Cherry Class is taught by Miss Fritchley on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning and Mrs Wilson on Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday. Mrs Wilson and Mrs LLewelyn also help us with our learning. 


A few reminders: 

  • Our PE day is a Wednesday morning . Please come to school in your PE Kit each week. In the Winter months you will need long trousers and a jumper. In the Summer months you will need shorts and a t-shirt. 
  • Our Forest Schools session is a Wednesday after so the children will wear there PE clothes and then put waterproofs, extra layers and wellies over the top. 
  • As we have a lovely outdoor space for us to use each day please send your child with a pair of named wellies that can stay in school all week. 
  • It is important that your child reads every day! Please write in the dairy so that we know they have read at home. The children can change their reading books as often as they need to. 



Our Classroom


Have a look around our lovely classroom. 

Meet our class!!

Den Building at Forest Schools!!

Autumn 1


The colour monster


We have been reading the colour monster this week and have been thinking about how we are feeling. We have done some fabulous art work using paint and straws. We used the straws to blow and move the paint. We then added facial features using coloured paper. Look below for the finished pieces!



Art Week!

We have been looking at the painting 'All Dressed up and no where to go' 


We enjoyed using different techniques to create our own interprtations of the painting. 

We have been getting busy!

Our learning 2019-2020


Welcome to Cherry Class

Year 1

Cherry Class is taught by

Mrs Buxton.

Mrs Elliott works with us and supports our learning Monday - Thursday.

We have lots of fun in Year 1, working with Maple Class and always trying our best.


A few reminders:

  • Our PE day is a ThursdayPlease ensure that all children have a suitable PE kit with them each week. We advise that children bring their PE kits into school at the beginning of a term and leave it on their pegs for the whole term.
  • Children need their book bags in school every day. We read with your child several times throughout the week and it is very important that this is recorded in your child's reading diary.
  • It is important that children are reading at home as well as in school. When you listen to your child read at home, please write in their diary so that we know their book needs changing. Remember to try and read at least 5times a week
  • Cherry's forest school day is an alternate Wednesday afternoon. Please make sure that children have suitable clothing and footwear to change into for this session as we will be going out in all weather.

Our Learning 2019-2020


Autumn 1


Our first topic is


Under the sea


We shall be discussing seasides from the past and present. Children will also have the opportunity to discuss the places they have visited on holiday. The children will learn all about sea creatures and the features.

Autumn 2




The term we shall be learning about lots of celebrations that  are celebrated all around the world. We shall be learning who Guy Fawkes is and why he was so famous. But which celebration is he linked to? We shall be creating our own diva lamps using clay to sculpt them. 

Nearer Christmas time we shall be learning the Christmas Story. The children will be able to make their own Christingle to celebrate the beginning of advent.


The children will perform in a year one nativity, this will be in the last week of term.

Spring 1




Our topic this half term is superheroes. In English we shall be reading superhero stories and then as authors we will be writing our own story. The children will investigate Florence Nightingale and we will then compare modern day hospitals and nurses to those on the past. A superhero needs our help! The children will be designing and making their own snack fit for a superhero.In Maths we shall be learning about place value to 20 and adding and subtracting numbers.

Spring 2


Moon Zoom


This term in history we shall be learning about Neil Armstrong and why he is so famous. We shall compare the moon landing with Tim Peake. The children will have the opportunity to design and create their own moon buggy. Please bring in any recyclable items for this.



WoW! What an exciting day this will be for the children. The children will get to learn all about the stars, planet and moon. The children will be able to investigate and explore many space artefacts and see what it is like to launch a rocket.

Our Learning 2018-2019

Spring 2 - Moon Zoom

Our topic this half term is 'Moon Zoom'. We will be learning about space, our solar system and historical events such as moon landings and Tim Peake's mission into space. 

National Space Centre - 4/3/19

The children and staff had a great time on our trip to the National Space Centre. We went up the Rocket Tower, experienced a launch pad and control room and learnt a lot from the different exhibitions, such as The Universe and Our Solar System. We also watched a planetarium show about Astronauts, how they train and the conditions they have to survive and work in during their time in space. What an amazing day! 

Spring 1 - Superhereos!

This half-term we will be looking at Superheroes. Year 1 will be looking at both fictional superheroes and real people that have helped changed the world. Within this topic we will also be looking at the art work that surrounds superheroes; Pop Art and visual effects. 

Autumn 2 - Celebrations!

We will be looking at a range of different celebrations from different religions or parts of history. Year 1 will be looking at Bonfire Night and why we celebrate it, Diwali and how that is celebrated around the world and will also be looking at the Christmas Story.

Instruction Writing - Sandwich Making

This week, Year 1 have been looking at Instructions.  We have looked at a variety of different instruction texts, identified their key features and collected a bank of 'bossy' imperative verbs ready to write our own set of instructions. On Thursday, we made jam sandwiches all by ourselves! We thought about the different steps needed to make our sandwich. We are now going to write our own set of instructions all about how to make a jam sandwich. 

We are very proud to have won this term's Attendance Competition!

Punch and Judy - Puppet Making

We had a Design & Technology Day on Thursday 11th October. As part of our topic this term, we have been thinking about holidays in present day and holidays that Victorian people would have had in the past. We have thought about similarities and differences and have looked at the activities Victorian adults and children would have taken part in during their seaside holidays. We discussed the Punch and Judy show and looked at the basic story line. As part of our DT day, Year 1: designed, made, performed and evaluated using their own hand made puppets. We used wooden spoons for our puppets,  included a range of different materials and had a go at using lots of design and fixing skills to create our puppets. We had a lovely time and worked really hard. They look amazing!

​​​​​​Grandparent's Day

A huge thank you to all the grandparents that came along to our Grandparent's Day afternoon today. We had a great time out in Forest School and the children really enjoyed building dens, making swings and being outdoors with the grandparents that attended. We are glad the weather stayed dry for us!

Friday 28th September's forest school

Autumn 1: Under the sea

Year One's first topic this year is Under the Sea. We will be learning about different sea creatures, their habitats and thinking about different holiday destinations around the UK and abroad. 


The Phonics Screen Check

In June 2019, the children will be taking part in the national phonics screening tests. This means during the run up to this date staff will be putting boosters in place in order to increase children's confidence with phonics. Below are some links to websites that can help you practice with your children.