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Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent Development


As a school community we explored the barriers to learning which our children face. The staff and governors developed our Curriculum Intent together, to ensure that we provide opportunities for our children to thrive and to help them to diminish the barriers they face.


Healdswood Infant and Nursery School

Curriculum Intent

We believe that our curriculum should be rich and engaging; that it should be skills driven and prepare our children for success in life. 

Our school community is passionate about and constantly engaging in professional dialogue to ensure that our curriculum is relevant, rigorous and constantly evolving; to ensure learning ignites curiosity and raises aspirations.

Children learn best when the experiences we offer are first hand and linked to their interests.  Our children are encouraged to think creatively, question and explore to become lifelong learners.

We teach each of our learning behaviours systematically. So that our children learn how to develop resilience and creativity, work effectively within a team and become aware of themselves as learners. Our Healdswood Learning Powers: Agent Ideas, Fantastic Focus, Team Effort Expert, Keep It Up Captain, Have A Go Hero and Learning Legend.

Our Rainbow rules intertwine everything that we do, therefore our school has made seven curriculum pledges to our children.

Our Curriculum Pledges

1. To value each child as an individual, striving to provide a curriculum, which is engaging, purposeful and intertwined with knowledge and skills.

2. To provide a curriculum that broadens our children’s learning experience both in and beyond the community and school, as our children experience a range of trips, visits and outside visitors.

3. To embed our school values in our curriculum and to educate our children to be individuals; who care and respect each other, the community, the environment and the wider world.

4. To spark curiosity, awe, wonder and enable our children to appreciate and marvel in the world in which they live, through our curriculum.

5. To immerse our children in a language and vocabulary rich curriculum.

6. To foster a school community that values partnerships with parents, who understand and support how our curriculum can foster a love of learning.

7. To nurture our children to become confident and resilient learners, through a curriculum that values our children’s well-being.