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At Healdswood Infant and Nursery School, we realise that to understand the present we must understand the past . Our history curriculum is sequenced coherently so useful knowledge builds through six distinct concepts. The content is taught through skilful storytelling to engage children and develop an instinctive curiosity about the past and make it come alive in their present. Our pupils accumulate core knowledge about significant events and individuals of the past and develop historical disciplines which will enable them to succeed as historians in their future education. 




The sequence of learning is cumulative ensuring that our pupils’ learning links to prior knowledge and prepares the children for Key Stage Two. We have developed a coherent progression of knowledge through six history concepts (e.g. Diversity) to enable our pupils to understand how history has impacted on life today. A ‘Curiosity Cube’ initiates a learning sequence in history to promote curiosity and enquiry before responding to an overarching enquiry question.  At Healdswood, vocabulary is taught in the given context throughout the history curriculum to enhance pupils oracy and language development. 


SEND Provision


At Healdswood our ambition is for all of our pupils to access our History Curriculum. These children are supported in lessons to provide them with full accessibility to the History Curriculum. All children will be supported through scaffolding or adult support, to enable equal access to learning in History.