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At Healdswood Infant and Nursery School our ambition is that every child is a mathematician. Our Mathematics Curriculum: 

  • Enables children to EXPLORE mathematics following a mastery curriculum approach;
  •  Allows each pupil an opportunity to BELIEVE in themselves as mathematicians and develop the power of resilience and perseverance when challenged;
  • Recognises that mathematics is everywhere in our lives;
  • Engages all children and provides them with a range of quality teaching and learning opportunities in which children strive to ACHIEVE their potential, as part of our school community;
  • Make connections across mathematical concepts so children can problem solve and reason; describe, explain, convince, justify and prove with an appreciation and excitement about the power of maths



In the foundation Stage, our young mathematicians will be provided with many exciting opportunities to be mathematicians through purposeful, adult-led and child-initiated learning. In EYFS we use picture books and Number Blocks to inspire the children’s learning, ensuring our children have early success of being a mathematician.


At Healdswood Infant School, we follow the National Curriculum Programme of study for Mathematics. In KS1 we deliver maths through a mastery approach where all children have opportunities to reason and problem-solve. The mathematics curriculum is sequenced hieratically and structured to ensure progression progressive from EYFS to Year 2 e.g. children require secure understanding in before using the model of repeated addition for multiplication.  At our school, emphasis is on the development of conceptual understanding and a Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) approach is use throughout our maths lessons, building on children’s existing knowledge and developing a deep and sustainable understanding of maths by introducing abstract concepts using concrete manipulatives. It involves moving from concrete manipulatives that bring the maths to life in real contexts, to pictorial representations that allow children to make mental connections, to abstract symbols and calculations. Everyday children are encouraged to explore and practice reinforcing pupils’ procedural fluency and developing their conceptual understanding whilst making connections within maths. Our Mathematics Curriculum is cyclical and therefore there are sufficient opportunities for our children to revisit previously learned knowledge, concepts and procedures. This ensures that mathematical knowledge is securely embedded and our children become more independent, applying their mathematical knowledge to more complex concepts. Mathematical vocabulary is taught explicitly and children are provided regular opportunities to engage in ‘Maths Talk’, enabling them to articulate their reasoning with confidence. In Maths, teachers and support staff will ensure that concrete and visual manipulatives are available to support children that require more time on learning the fundamental concepts – ensuring that every child succeeds. There are daily Number Sense Maths (NSM) sessions with the aim to ensure that the children are secure and fluent with fundamental number facts Number Sense Maths is a structured programme focused on teaching derived number facts and calculation strategies for addition and subtraction.



Children engage in Mathematics and enjoy the learning journey together, exploring, discovering, and deepening knowledge of key ideas needed to underpin future learning. Maths Talk has become an integral aspect of the teaching in mathematics and Our curious mathematicians are empowered to explore and make links, inspiring their curiosity to be flexible and discover different ways to solve problems. Most children achieve in maths and the number of children achieving at the Expected Standard at the end of Key Stage One is in line with National Average.


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