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Oak - Nursery

Welcome to Oak - Nursery!


The teacher in Nursery is Mrs Cantrell. 


In Nursery we are helped by Mrs Hovell, Miss Griffiths and Miss Barford.  

Mrs Walton is our Specialist Speech and Language Intervention Assistant.

Meet our Team!

We have two nursery sessions and also offer 30 hours places:


Morning Nursery

The morning session starts at 8.35am and ends at 11.35am.


Afternoon Nursery

The afternoon session starts at 12.20pm and ends at 3.20pm.


30 Hours

Our 30 hours session starts at 9.20am and ends at 3.20pm.


We lock the door 10 minutes after the start of the session to keep the children safe. If you arrive late or you need to leave early you will need to use the main entrance of the school.

Please tell us if someone different is going to take your child home.


Children in the Nursery learn by playing and exploring, being active, and through creative and critical thinking which takes place both indoors and outdoors. We are proud to be working towards our 'Curiosity Approach Accreditation' and provide a homely, curiosity focused learning environment.


MONDAY is PE day in nursery. For PE the children need to take off their shoes and socks to go into the main hall. It would be really great if you could teach them how to take off and put on their own shoes and socks, to promote their independence. We ask that the children wear shoes with Velcro fastening and no laces.


FRIDAY is the day that we take part in Forest Schools. On this day children need to dress in warm clothes and have a pair of wellies that can be left on their peg. We go to Forest Schools in all weathers, so their clothing is really important.

Our fabulous learning environment!

                  Our Learning 2020-2021

Summer 2- Unexpected oceans

During this last half term we will be discovering the wonders of the oceans and their beaches.


A big focus will be upon developing our understanding of the world around us, as we explore rock pools, sandy beaches and the wider oceans. Discovering creatures of the deep including the rainbow fish which will be our talk for writing. We will be thinking about holidays including traditional seaside beaches, with puppet shows, buckets and spades from our very own seaside role play shop and creating and tasting varying flavoured ice creams.


As will be working on our sense of community both locally and globally, we will be exploring what happens if we do not look after the oceans and our planet and holding our very own litter pick in the school grounds.


We also look forward to adventuring like pirates and mermaids on our dress up, when we will be designing and testing out boats both big and small and  imagining sailing around the world to focus on opposites in Australia.

Australia is also the country that we will be representing in our Olympics week near the end of term. We will be taking part in many events, races and building our own obstacle course.


We hope that we will all feel like champions this last half term as we get ready for sailing on to new adventures.

What a fantastic Olympic week we had with our very busy bodies. The children got involved in lots of physical activities and found out lots about our chosen country Australia. Great fun!

There be pirates here at Healdswood, arrgh! We had fantastic pirate adventures this week in nursery. We created both big and small pirate ships and pretended to sail the seas. We followed treasure maps and filled our gold chests, some children even had to walk the plank!

We explored the differences between man made and natural materials and thought about what could be recycled. The children were very concerned about the amount of rubbish and litter that ended up in our oceans. The children held their own litter pick on the school grounds and were very proud of how they were helping to keep the sea creatures safe.

We found out so much about the creatures that live in the sea. One of our favourite stories about sea creatures was the rainbow fish, so we made our own colourful fish.

We loved experimenting with materials for boat making. We discovered which ones floated or sank to the bottom of the ocean. 

We really enjoyed making our own seaside ice cream. We made strawberry, chocolate, lemon and marshmallow flavour. After testing out all of the flavours we voted for our favourite. The winner was lemon!

If you would like to make some at home we used double cream, condensed milk and lemon juice. Simply mix and freeze. Enjoy!

Summer 1- Imagination

During this term we will be discovering the magical ‘colours of our imaginations’.


We will be exploring and thinking about the colours all around us of nature, art and even music! Look out for our developing sensory garden and natural artwork.


A big focus will be upon developing our imaginations and we are looking forward to a virtual visit to the theatre. To support us with imagining the colours of our feelings and our dreams, we will be sharing the story colour monster and our talk for writing will be 'Brown bear, brown bear what to you see?'


As will be working on our skills of being self-confident to have a go and find things out, for STEM week we will be decorating colourful biscuits and investigating colour through scientific experiments. We are also welcoming new children to our nursery and will be spending some time getting to know each other and the nursery rainbow rules and routines.


We imagining a colourful and happy half term for us all to look forward to!


This week we have been looking at colours all around us. For Saint George's day we looked at the England flag and then imagined what wonderful patterns and colours we would like to see on flags. So we designed and made our own flags and decorated our sand castles with them..

We added lots of colourful ingredients to our rocky roads, you can imagine how good it tasted.


This week we carefully used adult tools and materials to create our very own colourful mosaic planter for our new tree.

The children loved designing and applying the coloured tiles with the adhesive and were very proud of their beautiful master piece.

Take a look at what our awesome scientists have been experimenting with in nursery this week. We mixed together some house hold chemicals to create our own lava lamp. We where amazed when it foamed up over the top when we added in some extra fizz. WOW!

We have been  creating colourful weavings on a large scale, both inside and outside. Weaving in and out and imagining what the finished product would look like.

We had so much fun working together with the rainbow parachute. Creating fast and slow waves and discovering which colourful ball bounced off first with our dreamy wavy movements. 

Great fun day of music and laughter on rock star day. We rocked it!

We have been thinking about movements to music and imagining shapes and pictures to match the music. As part of STEM week we planned, designed and decorated biscuits by taking our special biscuit decorating pens for a walk around the icing following the music.

I hope that they had as much fun eating them at home as we had decorating them in nursery.

Spring 2- Nurturing Nature


After half term, our topic will explore 'Nurturing Nature'.


We will be thinking about farms, farm machinery, the animals who live on farms and where our food comes from.

We will also find out about mother and baby animals and life cycles as we celebrate spring and Easter.


We will even be hatching our own chicks and watching carefully as they grow!

We were fantastic at sorting the farm animals into groups of the same kind and had lots of fun making their animal noises. We made our own farm and built some big, medium and small enclosures for them. We had to make sure that there were not any gaps or the animals might get loose.
At Forest schools, we had great fun creating different dens and shelters from a variety of materials, just like some animals do. Then we played hide and seek 'ready or not here I come!'
Take a look at our virtual visit to White Post Farm. We met lots of animals and found out all about them.
We had a fantastic day snuggling up for stories on our world book day. It was great to see so many brilliant costumes, everyone looked amazing. Well done if you entered our spoon competition, you are such a creative bunch. Our winners were a unicorn spoon and little red riding hood and the big bad wolf spoons. 
We are so excited to let you know that our chicks have successfully hatched from their eggs! We are learning how to look after them carefully and they are happy, fluffy and cheep cheep cheepy.

We have been finding out about lots of different baby animals and matching them to their parents. Some of the names for baby animals where tricky to remember, we have definitely been expanding our vocabulary.

When we did a virtual visit to a farm shop, we found out that farms can be busy places producing crops for us to eat. We explored a variety of vegetables with our senses and discovered some that we had not known before. Here we are printing with some of the vegetables, we also chopped fruit and threaded it onto skewers to eat. Now we have made our own farm shop in our nursery outside area, roll up roll up and see what fruit and vegetables you can find.

We were so kind and caring looking after our baby chicks, so we explored how other animals look after their babies. This included washing baby clothes for human babies and making nests for baby birds. Using the tools for building and filling the nests also helped to strengthen our hands and improve hand co-ordination and control.

Take a look at some of our other favourite activities from our nurturing nature topic this half term.

In nursery, we love baking and could not miss the chance to make chocolate Easter nests. The children followed the instruction carefully and counted in their chocolate eggs one at a time. I hope that they had as much fun eating them at home as we did baking them together. Enjoy your Healdswood Easter egg each and have a wonderful Easter everyone!

Spring 1- Once upon a time

During this term we will be learning about 'Once upon a time.'


We will discover the magical world of fairy tales, castles, princesses, knights and dragons through lots of different stories and traditional tales.

We will explore story language as we develop our speaking, listening and communication skills.

Our talk for writing will be 'There was a princess long ago' which we hope everyone will enjoy acting out. So a big focus will also be on practising large and small movements as we use songs and actions to help us retell stories.

Our physical skills might also be put to the test as we have a go at making and flipping pancakes at the end of this half term.

We will base our learning on the things that we show our teachers that we are really interested in within the themes.

We loved sharing lots of traditional tales together. We discovered so much about fairy tale characters and their adventures.
Look at some of the amazing castles we built for our Royal and fairy tale characters to live in.
One of our favourite fairy tale characters was the mighty dragon. We explored different ways to show his flaming breath. 
It was magical to dress up like witches and wizards in our very own hat creations. We made up lots of spells and mixed up some marvellous potions.
We had a lot of fun making pancakes and we really enjoyed eating them.
Autumn 2- I Wonder...

During this term we will be learning about 'I Wonder...' A big focus will be upon developing our skills in understanding the world. We will be looking at the ways that people celebrate and how this is similar and different to us. In particular we will learn about Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, Diwali, Birthdays and Christmas. We will also be extremely creative, so keep your eyes peeled for the wonderful creations that we will be sending home! We will begin looking for signs of Autumn and then Winter at our forest explorers site each Friday. We will base our learning on the things that we show our teachers that we are really interested in within these themes.


We were so excited to be back, even more so when we started learning about Bonfire Night. We had an extremely exciting Forest Schools, we built a humongous bonfire and had hot dogs as a treat!

We have enjoyed learning all about Diwali. We made our very own Diva Lamps with a tealight inside to take home. We spotted lots of similarities with the things that we celebrate at home such as fireworks, decorations and giving gifts.

We were very snuggly wearing our pyjamas for Children in Need. We had a great time doing Pudsey crafts and making spotty cakes, Pudsey loves spots!

We made our own Christingles. The orange was the world, the red band the blood of Christ, the candle the light of the world and then there were four sticks to represent each season. We hope that the children enjoyed lighting and eating them at home!

As always we are having lots of fun each week at Forest Schools! Last half term we found a massive caterpillar, this time we have found a beautiful butterfly! We have had lots of fun collecting Autumn leaves, I wonder if the children can tell you the colours that we found? 

Autumn 1- Where will I go?

During this term we will be learning about 'Where will I go?' A big focus will be upon developing our skills in understanding the world. We will be looking at transport, where we live and the people who are special to us. We will also be doing lots of PSED as it has been a while since we have all been together at nursery! We will begin looking for signs of Autumn at our forest explorers site each Friday. We will base our learning on the things that we show our teachers that we are really interested in within these themes.

We had a wonderful time decorating green biscuits for MacMillan Cancer Support, but we had an even better time eating them!

We have really enjoyed learning about Autumn and have learnt the names for Autumnal objects.

We have had the most wonderful time exploring at Forest Schools. We most certainly aren't afraid to get stuck in!

We looked amazing for a Halloween Party Day, it was such a spooky day! 

                  Our Learning 2019-2010

Spring 2- People Who Help Us!

During this term we will be learning about People Who Help Us! We will explore lots of different texts including fiction, non-fiction, instructions and recipes. A big focus will be upon developing our skills in understanding the world. Our talk for writing text will be 'How to Brush your Teeth' following a visit from the Tooth Fairy! We will begin looking for signs of Spring at our forest explorers site each Friday. At the end of this term we will learn all about Easter and invite our grown-ups to nursery for a performance/stay and play session. We will base our learning on the things that we show our teachers that we are really interested in within these themes.

We loved celebrating pancake day! We made delicious pancakes and sat around the table and ate them together. We learnt lots of vocabulary like: stir, mix, batter, crack, flip, measure, recipe, pour and smooth. We found the story 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes' really funny, we spotted some of the characters that were in the traditional tales that we read last term.

We were really interested in hunting for Spring flowers at Forest Explorers, so we did some observational drawings/paintings in our classroom. They are now displayed in the small world area, we would love for the parents to go and have a look!

We have been learning all about how Dentists help us this week. We were super excited when the Tooth Fairy came to see us! She showed us how to look after our teeth and explained what happens when you go for a check up at the dentist.

We looked amazing dressed up as characters from our favourite books for World Book Day. We also enjoyed decorating potatoes to resemble our favourite stories.

Spring 1- Traditional Tales!

During this term we will be learning about our schools Rainbow Rules through Traditional Tales! We will read lots of different traditional tales and think about the things that the characters did and didn't do to follow our Rainbow Rules. A big focus will be upon learning story language and personal, social and emotional skills. Our talk for writing story will be 'The Three Little Pigs' which we hope will inspire story telling and mark making in Nursery. We will begin to explore what happens in the Winter and Spring at our forest explorers site each Friday. We will base our learning on the things that we show our teachers that we are really interested in within these themes. We are also looking forward to looking after pet guinea pigs for a week at the end of term!

"Little pigs, little pigs, let me come in!" We made our own story map to tell the story. We have been busy retelling the story and can now remember lots of the story phrases. We said that the little pigs definitely followed our Rainbow Rule 'We try our best', by persevering until they built a strong house.

Little Red Riding Hood wasn't very good at following our Rainbow Rule 'We listen'. Luckily we are brilliant listeners in Nursery! Here we are making some jam tarts for Little Red Riding Hoods basket.