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E-Safety When Learning Online

We understand that children are perhaps spending more time on their devices using the internet and so here is our advice to keep them safe online.

✅Technology is constantly changing and young people are continually learning – keep up to date on latest developments so you know about the risks.

✅Ground rules - set expectations and limits for where your child can use their device and for how long.

✅Treat online safety in the same way that you would treat offline safety, E.g. crossing the road, etc.

✅Make sure you set up your internet security so children cannot accidently access websites with inappropriate content.

✅Ensure that your child is using appropriate search terminology - always type 'for kids' or 'for children' after their internet search.

✅Encourage your child to use child safe search engines such as 'swiggle' or 'kidzsearch'. Also ensure that children are using 'youtube kids' or supervise children when accessing our School You Tube Stories.

✅Talk regularly about the importance of online safety and empower them to be ‘safe and responsible’. Make sure children know to talk to their adults if they see something they don't understand.

Helpful website for further Information:

💻 safety-resources-parents

Please do not hesitate to contact your teacher if you require any further support or advice about online safety.